What to Expect on your First Visit to Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Inc.

Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Inc. takes a great deal of pride in making a positive first impression. New patients can expect the following during their first visit:

    1. Your first visit will start on time and last approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. Please bring your completed New Patient Registration form along with you.
    2. The evaluation will include your medical history, posture and movement assessment, special tests, and palpation of specific structures related to your complaint.
    3. A treatment program will be planned utilizing the information collected during the evaluation.
    4. Treatment may include joint and soft tissue mobilization, heat and/or ice, exercise, body mechanics and posture instruction.
    5. Please remember that all appointments and cancellations must be made by phone.

Goals of Physical Therapy
Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Inc. strives to keep an open and professional relationship with all patients. Patient care is based on determining the source of the pain. The evaluating physical therapist uses their knowledge and skills to reach functional goals. In most cases, the evaluation and treatment sessions will be with the same therapist. This fosters a continuum of care and encourages consistency. If an issue arises that needs a specialized evaluation, the appropriate therapist will be consulted.

All of the therapists at Orthopedic Physical Therapy specialize in manual therapy. This is an approach which includes advanced skills and emphasizes direct, hands-on treatment. Our goal is to return the patient to the best functional and pain-free level possible.

Goals of physical therapy often include:

    • Relieve Pain
    • Increase Mobility
    • Home Exercise Program
    • Improve Function and Posture
    • Correct Body Mechanics

Following your treatments, you may experience increased muscle spasms, pain, or fatigue. Depending on your diagnosis and history, your progress may be slower than expected, but early discharge from therapy may prolong your symptoms. We will do our best to help you obtain the desired goals, but your cooperation and motivation are essential.