Posture and Orthotic Solutions in Richmond, VA

Most people know that proper posture is important for pain relief and healthy functioning. But what is “proper posture”? How do you know which posture is right for your body? How do you achieve it?

Proper posture comes from correct positioning and movement of the feet, legs, pelvis, spine and rib cage. If an individual has tightness in a particular area, the alignment of the entire body can change. This can put abnormal stress on joints, muscles, and ligaments which will produce pain.

The therapists at Orthopedic Physical Therapy Inc. are specifically trained in postural assessment and can assist you in achieving and maintaining the posture that is right for your body. Your therapist will perform a thorough examination of how your body is positioned and is moving, and will give you specific treatment based on your individual needs.

What types of treatment might I expect?

  1. Exercises – Your therapist will instruct you in exercises to activate and strengthen certain muscles, and relax other muscles, in order to reposition your body. These exercises will allow you to be able to take control of your own treatment and relief of your pain.
  2. Breathing – Your therapist will instruct you in how to breathe properly based on your individual needs. You will be able to use breathing as a way to strengthen your core, relax overworked muscles, and gain mobility where you need it.
  3. Custom Orthotic Casting – The therapists at OPT are trained in the casting of custom foot orthotics. Using orthotics made specifically for your feet, and your postural needs will assist you in keeping proper postural alignment from the ground up.
  4. Manual Physical Therapy – The therapists at OPT are all trained in advanced physical therapy techniques and dry needling, that will help release tight muscles and connective tissues and therefore speed your recovery.