Pelvic Pain Treatment in Richmond, VA

Pelvic Pain may be related to pelvic inflammatory disease, direct trauma (i.e. low back injury, surgery, childbirth), habitual poor posture, sexual abuse or chronic pelvic inflammation (i.e. endometriosis, ovarian cysts). Pelvic pain may include burning, pressure or aching in the vaginal, rectal, groin, low back, buttock, abdominal or thigh regions. Symptoms may also include painful intercourse, constipation, pain with bowel movements, voiding dysfunction or pain with normal activities (i.e. walking, climbing stairs, lifting objects). Trigger points may be present in the pelvic girdle or vaginal muscles.

Physical therapy treatment for pelvic pain may include manual techniques to muscles, connective tissue and joints to decrease pain. Modalities, including biofeedback for relaxation or muscle re-education, strengthening exercises and postural education may also be utilized.