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At Orthopedic Physical Therapy Inc., we strive to establish an open and professional relationship with our patients.  Patient care is based on determining the source of the pain. The evaluating physical therapist uses their knowledge and skills to reach functional goals. In most cases, the evaluation and treatment sessions will be with the same therapist. This fosters a continuum of care and encourages consistency. If an issue arises that needs a specialized evaluation, the appropriate therapist will be consulted.  All of the therapists at Orthopedic Physical Therapy specialize in manual therapy.  This is an approach which includes advanced skills and emphasizes direct, hands-on treatment. Four of our therapist have received international certification in trigger point dry needling, which can often be a faster, more effective method of treating the true source of your pain.  Our goal is to return the patient to the best functional and pain-free level possible.  Three of our physical therapists have received Best Bedside Manner Awards from Our Health Richmond magazine! In 2016, Governor McAuliffe appointed Dr. Tracey Adler, PT, DPT, OCS, CMTPT to the Virginia Board of Physical Therapy!

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Freedom of Choice

You are entitled to choose the most appropriate health care professional to meet your individual therapy goals.

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100+ Years of Experience

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The practice has been serving Richmond for over 35 years and our therapists share over 100 years of professional experience.

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Direct Access Certified

Direct Access allows patients to schedule a physical therapy evaluation without a referral from a physician.

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Forms & Questionnaires

New patient forms and condition-specific intake questionnaires are available if patients wish to complete them in advance.

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On Time Appointments

Our team values your time and we take a great deal of pride in making a positive first impression.

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What To Expect

Your first visit will start on time and last approximately 1.5 to 2 hours for a thorough initial evaluation.

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Success Stories

  • This practice is first rate!  The staff is very professional, caring and friendly.  They have helped me to have less pain, feel stronger and taught me so much.  Thanks OPT!  I think you are great!
    Carol Shepherd
    - Richmond, VA
  • I have been in weekly with Kristen and she is awesome. When I started here I was in so much pain in my back, neck, hips and feet; I was suicidal. She worked with me to develop exercises and then with dry needling. We did the needling treatment twice and now I am PAIN FREE! I love this place because it has changed my whole life. This is the first time in forty years that I'm not hurting.
    Pamela Gay
    Pamela Gay
  • "After suffering from sciatica for over five years, I finally found the answer to my prayers!  With the expertise of Dr. Tracey Adler, along with trigger point dry needling, I am now free of my debilitating pain.  It is with appreciation that I have returned to my normal life and activities, including yoga classes, work, and walking everyday.  Thank you OPT Inc!"
    Amy Gammon
    - Richmond, VA
  • "I am a firm believer in the healing power of dry needling!  I've used it on my psoas to keep me running and now on my shoulder to avoid surgery.  Both times, I've had amazing results!  Thank you!!"
    Susan Miller
    - Richmond, VA
  • "I was recommended to Tracey after my second automobile accident.  I was suffering from a cracked sternum, lower back and still in pain after 7 months.  Kristen worked with me for several weeks, PT and exercises to do at home.  Tracey followed the same week with trigger point dry needling.  In just a few short visits, I was seeing great results with the combination from both Kristen and Tracey.  Now, five years later, I was told that I may need shoulder surgery.  Before I have that surgery, I am back with Tracey and Kristen.  They are working their "magic" again and my right shoulder is improving with each visit.  Trust is a big part of my recovery and I have that with both Kristen and Tracey.  The entire staff is encouraging and supportive.  A big High Five to all.  I will not go to anyone else...after all, they are the best of the best!"
    Gail Tevnan
    - Richmond, VA
  • "I can't say enough good things about my experiences at OPT. Having been referred to Tracey by my oral surgeon, Dr. Burgoyne, I had no idea what to expect. The staff was friendly, warm and very accommodating. I appreciate the prompt treatment time that was devoted to me! I always felt like I was the only patient and had Tracey's undivided attention. Thanks to everyone who played a part in my recovery! (Including Toby!)"
    Richmond, VA
  • "For over a decade I had low back pain and thought it was something I had to live with.  I have tried stretching, deep tissue massages, and different chairs.  Tracey and the OPT staff saw the pain was caused by tight muscles in both thighs.  After only a few needling session, the pain stopped and I've got greater flexibility and range of motion."
    Recent Patient
    Richmond, VA
  • "Brooks has been a very professional physical therapist. Between his session and the exercises he gave me to do at home on a daily basis, they have helped my balance and restored my confidence in walking on cement, grass, and soil. Today, I learned how to navigate steps up and down and the position od the cane each instant. This has been a great experience!"
    Pearl Markham
    Richmond, VA
  • "I was in severe pain when I came to OPT. Never having experienced such pain, I thought at my age this would be what I could expect for the rest of my life. After several weeks of therapy, I can't believe the results. I feel like I did before I ever got this pain. I am happy and pleased with the results. Thanks to Dr. Steadman for giving me my life back."
    Mildred B.
    Richmond, VA
  • "I have had chronic body pain from Fibromyalgia, migraines, arthritis and other medical issues for many years. I have tried regular medical and therapy treatments with no help at all. Then I was referred to Tracey Adler at Orthopedic Physical Therapy. After one treatment, it was amazing - the pain that left my body. With dry needling and physical therapy, after one month I feel like a different person and can function better. The pain has decreased dramatically. I've been given a new lease on life and can't thank Tracey enough."
    Richmond, VA


Awards and Recognition

In July of 2015, Governor Terry McAuliffe appointed Dr. Tracey Adler, DPT, OCS, CMTPT to the State Board of Physical Therapy. Additionally, Our Health Richmond magazine honored three members of the Orthopedic Physical Therapy team with Bedside Manner Awards in the Physical Therapist category in 2014 and 2015!



News and Article Archives

Congratulations to Tracey Adler and Kristen Wright – 2017 Winners in the Physical Therapy category for the Bedside Manner Awards edition of Our Health Richmond Magazine Practice owner, Dr. Tracey Adler, is a lifelong learner and an educator on the adjunct faculty at MCV/VCU and on the faculty of Myopain Seminars. As a frequent contributor to Our Health Magazine and Best Bedside Manner Award winner, she also seeks to educate and inform beyond the classroom.


Orthopedic Physical Therapy – Registration and Intake Forms

Forms and Registration

The Patient Registration Form is required for all new patients on their first visit to Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Inc. You may also find specific forms and questionnaires below that apply to your diagnosis or problem. Please print and fill out the appropriate forms prior to your initial office visit. Call Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Inc. at (804) 285-0148 with any questions.


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